11.  Ethical Marketing Agreement

As an ICF Accredited Provider, Destination Leadership commits to the principles of ethical marketing in alignment with the International Coach Federation’s Statement on Ethics, Integrity, and Transparency Policy. This statement identifies the ICF Core Values, Ethical Principles and standards of behaviour for all ICF Professional Coaches and Accredited Providers.

Destination Leadership commits to honesty and integrity in our marketing and communications with all current and future students, participants, organizations, and partners.

Destination Leadership commits to keeping all personal data and information safe, focused on the principles of confidentiality, security and privacy for all current and future students, participants, organizations and partners. Destination Leadership will not share your personal data and information and will not use the information for organizational gain.

We adhere to the Anti-Spam legislation that provides boundaries for email marketing, and we will not send you direct email messages without: 1) obtaining consent, 2) clearly providing our identification information, and 3) providing an unsubscribe mechanism.


Questions and Further Information

Destination Leadership strives to adhere to ethical marketing practices and continues to adjust and ensure policies meet the current environment. You can contact Shana Ring, Director of Training at 306-539-8924 or

Please Note:  Destination Leadership also adheres to the Canadian Privacy Legislation from the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Model Code for the Protection of Personal Information (CAN/CSA-Q830-96), and the Federal Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act ('PIPEDA') – please see Destination Leadership's Privacy Policy for more information.