Destination Leadership's Vision, Values and Mission


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Destination Leadership imagines a world where every conversation has the potential to engage, empower and inspire forward action developing leaders at all levels with a coaching mindset.



Destination Leadership is committed to sharing professional coaching throughout the world as powerful leadership tool to support human development creating an environment where all people are:

  • Engaged – working to realize their potential.
  • Empowered – taking ownership for organizational results, and
  • Inspired – continually striving for excellence.

Destination Leadership believes that professional coaching – or the coach- approach – has the potential to positively shift an organizational culture one conversation at a time!



Destination Leadership follows the universal values and ethical principles set forth by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and include:

  • Professionalism: A commitment to a coaching mindset and professional quality that encompass responsibility, respect, integrity, competence, and excellence.
  • Collaboration: A commitment to develop social connection and community building.
  • Humanity: A commitment to being humane, kind, compassionate, and respectful towards others.
  • Equity: A commitment to use a coaching mindset to explore and understand the needs of others so I can practice equitable processes at all times that create equality for all.