1.  General Disability Policy

Destination Leadership supports individuals with disabilities and is committed to providing individuals with disabilities access to reasonable accommodations during program delivery in public locations. In addition, Destination Leadership prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability and ensures equal opportunity for all qualified individuals with disabilities. 

Destination Leadership is committed to providing reasonable accommodations in compliance with all local, provincial/territory, and federal laws. Individuals with questions about this policy, or who wish to request accommodation should contact Shana Ring at s .

Able to accommodate learning disability:

  • At Destination Leadership, our goal is to create a learning environment which meets the needs of each individual student.
  • We are able to accommodate a variety of learning disabilities to make our program more accessible.
  • Please contact (Shana Ring at ) before enrolling to determine if your needs can be met. 
  • Please note that Destination Leadership is not able to provide additional accommodation at individual’s own facilities, whether at work or at home, during virtual program delivery.