“Our coaching journey with Destination Leadership began with five senior leaders from Saskatoon Public Schools completing the 65-hour Certified Coach Training.  We started to introduce the ‘coach-approach’ style to leadership to our school principals and vice-principals.  They were so enthusiastic about the coaching strategies presented in our brief sessions that they requested more and more exposure to the program.  We eventually brought the EXPEDITION Coaching Program to our entire school leadership group, and four of the senior leaders became Certified Facilitators of the EXPEDITION Coaching Program.  Many considered this to be the most valuable professional development they have received as school leaders as it allows for positive interactions not only with their teaching and support staff, but also enhances their abilities to work constructively with students and parents. The coaching skills gained in the Destination Leadership program will enhance your ability as a coach, advisor and influencer in all aspects of your life.  It is highly recommended!”  


Jaime Valentine, Superintendent of HR, Saskatoon Public Schools

Jaime Valentine, Superintendent, Saskatoon Public Schools
Jaime Valentine, Superintendent, Saskatoon Public Schools
March 2, 2018


Barbara Bowes, President of Legacy Bowes (Winnipeg, MB)

September 8, 2017

"As a continuous learner, I recently attended a rigourous five day course at the University of Manitoba, James W. Burns Executive Education Centre. The coaching... Read more