"When I received my first coach four years ago, I was taken aback by the approach. I didn’t understand why I would need a coach if I did all the work coming up with my own solutions. However, when I decided to try the Certified Coach Training Program with Destination Leadership, I was blown away by the theory behind coaching. It created such a monumental shift in my thinking.


Throughout my 10 years of leading our HR department, I have taken many courses and attended many conferences on how to guide, mentor, and receive the best outcomes with our staff, and it was very overwhelming. Coaching was the missing piece in our HR strategic plan. With the help of a federal grant for non-profits, we sent our entire provincial team to Destination Leadership. Coaching became our answer as it benefits both our staff and our managers. We now implement the coaching model from managers, to staff, to our children. We strongly believe the coach approach is the best way to raise our children and cultivate our staff to become independent and accomplished."


Nicole Cook, Chief Operating Officer, Hope's Home
Nicole Cook, Chief Operating Officer, Hope's Home
December 7, 2018


Barbara Bowes, President of Legacy Bowes (Winnipeg, MB)

September 8, 2017

"As a continuous learner, I recently attended a rigourous five day course at the University of Manitoba, James W. Burns Executive Education Centre. The coaching... Read more