WINNIPEG (2-Day): Leadership Coaching Skills (EXPEDITION Coaching) Training

WINNIPEG (2-Day):  Leadership Coaching Skills (EXPEDITION Coaching) Training


Date:  May 27 & 28, 2024 (2-days)

Time:  8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Location: Winnipeg In-Person Workshop

Cost:  $1,295.00 (plus taxes)

Register: Winnipeg May 27 & 28, 2024

Pay Online: May 27 & 28, 2024 (Winnipeg)

Overview:  Leadership Coaching Skills in the Workplace (2-Days):

The EXPEDITION Coaching® Program focuses on enhancing everyday workplace conversations with leaders at all levels through coaching, communication & feedback, and change leadership skills designed to engage, empower, and inspire forward action with people at all levels in a changing environment. The Program features two (2) workplace conversation frameworks highlighting the distinction between conversations for “development” and conversations for "performance": 

  • Part One focuses on foundational coaching skills: Developing a Coaching Mindset; and
  • Part Two focuses on application of the skills: Applying the Coach-Approach in the Workplace;

The program supports people to discover the coach-approach as a powerful leadership tool, equipping them to walk away with the skills to apply the coach-approach in the workplace immediately.

The Program Modules include:

  • Module 1: The Coaching Role and Coaching Mindset
  • Module 2: The GUIDE Coaching® Model
  • Module 3: Intentional Listening™
  • Module 4: Intentional Questioning™
  • Module 5: Coaching through Change and Transition in the Workplace
  • Module 6: Developmental Feedforward: The Coach-Approach to Feedback™
  • Module 7: The DIRECT Feedback™ Model
  • Module 8: Coaching and Styles in the Workplace 

EXPEDITION Coaching® (The Leadership Coaching Skills Program) is focused on enhancing the coaching, communication and feedback, and change leadership skills with people at all levels. These are the skills used in everyday communications with staff, colleagues, customers, and any personal communication – the coach-approach in the workplace.

The learning objectives include:

  • Discover coaching as a learning tool to facilitate thinking, creativity and problem solving;
  • Develop a coaching mindset and recognize coaching opportunities;
  • Distinguish between performance conversations and developmental conversations;
  • Create the conditions for coaching (Coaching Relationship Compass™: Trust Model);
  • Establishing safety, and build trusting relationships at all levels;
  • Engage people in their work, thinking and developing solutions, and transferring ownership;
  • Develop foundational coaching skills (Intentional Listening™ and Intentional Questioning™);
  • Apply the 5-Step GUIDE Coaching® Model (Developmental Conversation);
  • Develop enhanced feedback skills (Intentional Language™, Developmental Feedforward and Acknowledging);
  • Apply the DIRECT Feedback™ Model (Performance Conversation);
  • Gain awareness of workplace styles and adapting your own style; and
  • Apply the coach-approach to change and transition in the workplace.

The program is highly inter-active and participants apply the new knowledge in action, developing and enhancing their coaching and communication skills. The program incorporates current research and best practices in neuroscience, positive psychology and appreciative inquiry. The content methodology is blended with practical exercises, games, models and processes designed to fast-track learning and engagement.

The program provides a toolkit of resources, models and tools for leaders to apply in the workplace including:

  • The 5-step GUIDE Coaching® Model;
  • The 6-step DIRECT Feedback™ Model;
  • The Coaching Relationship Compass™: Trust Model;
  • The Coaching Through Change & Transition Model;
  • The Manager Coach Continuum™ (The Leadership Dance™);
  • The Performance, Capability & Readiness™ Curve;
  • The Intentional Listening Iceberg™ Model;
  • The Brain Negativity-Bias Mindset Shift™ Model;
  • The CHOICE Map™ Model; and
  • The Handbook of Intentional Coaching Questions™.