Jeremy Zhu Li

Master Facilitator & Licensee Partner (China)



Jeremy Zhu Li is a Licensee and Master Certified Facilitator of the EXPEDITION Coaching Program in China. Jeremy has translated the EXPEDITION Coaching program into Chinese and along with his Trainers, delivers the program throughout China.


Jeremy Zhu Li, is the co-founder of First Priority Consulting and Senior Training Consultant. He is Deputy General Manager of First Priority Consulting Limited based in China.


Jeremy graduated from Economic & Management School at Tsing-hua University with a master’s degree.


Prior to First Priority Consulting, he worked at the Civil Aviation Administration of China and China International Travel Service as Policy Consultant and Manager respectively. He was Chief Editor of World Executive’s Digest-China Edition. Beginning in May 1994, Jeremy has experienced and facilitated various types of interactive training programs. He is a:


• Certified Instructor of business simulations developed by the Sweden-based CELEMI,
• Certified Trainer of out-bound experiential learning programs and leadership programs developed by the US-based Project Adventure, and
• Certified Trainer of courses developed by the US-based PERSONA Inc and the Canada-based Priority Management.


With over 15 years of experience working as a trainer, Jeremy Zhu benefits from over 200 days of intensive course-delivery annually to continuously upgrade his professional skills. His training customers are spread over a wide range of industries, from global as well as local companies, and include people from CEOs of global companies operating at Asia Pacific to entry-level employees. In China’s training market, he is the trainer featuring the longest professional experience, highest number of training days delivered, highest number of clients served, highest number of participants trained and most diversified training courses.


Jeremy has not only gained extensive training experience, but also gathered abundant insights and experience in trainer training. Jeremy’s trainer training is featured by its thoroughness, applicability and the ability to transform complex theories into simple and operable skills.